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Single donations

If you prefer to make a single donation, you can select the amount you want to pay, with a minimum of £15. There is a minimum cost to cover payment and administration fees.

Single donation

What your donations will fund


An hour of work

A donation of £15 will sponsor one hour of work. We are an editorial team of two full-time staff collectively working 80 hours a week to produce daily content for all our platforms. One hour at a time, your donations make a great difference!


An event listing

A donation of £25 sponsors the creation of one of our event listings. Our readers have told us they want to see more events on our website from local choirs and sporting events to exhibitions and festivals. We love helping people get out and about in the local area.


An interview

A donation of £50 funds the time needed to interview someone for one of our longer-form features that share people’s unique stories. You will be funding work that increases tolerance and understanding of the diverse communities in our neighbourhood.


A day of research

A donation of £100 covers the cost of one day’s research. We don’t re-write press releases. We pound the pavements, meet people face-to-face, and spend hours in the archive library to find the untold stories that need to be told in our community.


A long-form article

A donation of £250 will sponsor one of our long-form features, including the research, interviewing and photography. This will allow us to dedicate the time needed for a documentary article that brings to life cultural stories in both words and images.


A newsletter

A donation of £500 funds the work involved in creating one of our weekly newsletters that provide our readers with the latest news and events from their local neighbourhood to help them get the most out of where they live.

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Single payments are collected by our payment gateway Stripe. Donations are collected by Social Streets C.I.C, the not-for-profit news and media organisation that publishes Poplar LDN.