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Let’s talk burgers: how Poplar’s Bun & Sum is worth the search to find it

Adapting L.A.’s smashburger sensation, Bun & Sum creates the ultimate meaty crust making fat patties a thing of the past.

It feels almost like you are on a secret mission when looking for the Bun & Sum burger place. 

Located just off Bow Road, tucked away on the unassuming Bow Triangle Business Centre and Eleanor street, you’ll find Bun and Sum in Unit 4 of the industrial estate. This burger joint has taken Instagram by storm since opening in July 2021, largely for its LA-style smashed burger.

Wandering past Poplar’s many food options, from curry houses on Brick Lane, Afghan grills, and traditional East End English delicacies at Chrisp Market, I headed to the industrial estate to see for myself if this was just an Instagram trend or a true gem.

Founded by two brothers, Farbez and Faysal Uddin, the established neighbourhood spot has adapted L.A.’s trend of pancake flat patties loaded with other ingredients and soaked in rich sauces. Whether loaded with onions, topped with pastrami or smothered in melted cheddar, the options are endless. Cooked on a flat-top grill, this burger sizzles in its own juices and then caramelizes into a thin crust on the outside.

As you approach the corner of Eleanor Street, the alluring smell of a sizzling burger patty guides you to Unit 4. Greeted with a big smile – perhaps at the joy of a customer having found them – Faysal the younger brother goes through the options on the menu. 

From simple chili cheeseburgers to their special  Big Rib Burger, which features five-hour smoked chopped beef rib mashed up, smothered in a homemade honey bbq sauce on top of their double smash patties, everything sounded delicious. 

Although currently there is no place to sit and eat, you can eat it ‘tradie-style’  standing outside the unit in the industrial estate. The whole experience creates a sense of camaraderie with the other customers. However, there are plans to add some tables and chairs. 

As a reward for the courageous ones visiting the estate in person, they offer half-price on a wide range of patties from £4-£7. The burger joint serves these amazing fully loaded baps daily from morning till almost midnight (11 am-11 pm). 

Humming with flavour, Bun and Sum wins its customers from the first mouthful. With its tasty thin-pressed patties, friendly customer service, and affordable prices, this burger joint is as good as the hype.

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