New homes at Aberfeldy Village, Photography by Poplar HARCA

Poplar has the highest level of renters in London with 80 per cent living in rented accommodation

Data released from the Office of National Statistics Census 2021 revealed that the area of Poplar had the highest percentage of renters in the borough of Tower Hamlets with over 80 per cent of people renting their homes from the council or privately from a landlord or agency. 

According to the census, the borough as a whole ranked highest for renters compared with other London boroughs with 74.3 percent of its residents living in rented accommodation, followed by Hackney with 72 per cent and Islington with 71.7 per cent. Out of those living in rented accommodation in Tower Hamlets, 35.9 per cent live in social housing and 38.4 per cent in privately rented accommodation.

The majority of the housing stock in Poplar is owned by Poplar HARCA, the housing and regeneration community association, who is the landlord of nearly 9000 homes.

In the past 10 years, Poplar HARCA, has built a further 900 new homes in the area, including social rent homes, shared ownership homes, private sale homes, and private rent homes. Out of those, 165 were designed for affordable rent. 

In August 2022, 17 Tower Hamlets residents moved into new affordable homes for rent in Aberfeldy Village, built by EcoWorld London and the housing association Poplar HARCA, marking a total of 39 new homes for affordable rent completed in Aberfeldy for 2022.

Overall, ONS data showed that rental prices were higher in London than in any other region in England. The costs of a room, bedroom or studio in Tower Hamlets range from £685  to £1375. 

The ONS conducts a census of England and Wales every ten years revealing data about all the people and households. This was the twenty-second national census since the Census act was passed in 1920. 
In Scotland, the National Records of Scotland, and in Northern Ireland, the Statistics and Research Agency run their own censuses. You can find information about participating on their websites.


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